How to Order

I have a different approach than the usual way of the automatic pay & download your product. I developed another way of ordering with vouchers so we have more personal 1:1 control and you get more for your money.

I offer different voucher-packages and also gift-vouchers.


About the digital products & Services

Any product you can find on this shop will be listed with a product ID. If you find the products you want then you know which voucher you can order. 


You order the voucher and pay it with paypal and you email me al your Product-ID’s.

  1. Make you selection wich voucher you want.
  2. Press the “Buy” button
  3. Pay with your paypal email, if you don’t have a paypal account you can pay as a guest with your credit card.

I will control if I received your payment and send you directly your product. If the file’s are to big or to complex I will email you the personal link to download it from my Drop-Box.